About Andalusian Horses

andalusianThe andalusian horse has served many purposes over the years, from a war horse to a diplomacy tool for the Spanish government.  The Andalusian horse has been used by so many different cultures for so many different reasons, that they have been called many different names: Andalusians, Andalusian horses, pure spanish horse, or PRE ( which stands for Pura Raza Española ), Zapata, Villanos, Spanish Horse, Iberian War Horse and Iberian Saddle Horse.

The andalusian horse is a powerful yet compact breed of horse. While grey is the most common color, there are a variety of other coat colors as well.   They have been widely sought after throughout history due to their intelligence and grace as well as their docile demeanor.

The Carthusian is a sub-strain within the andalusian horse breed that is said to be the purest strain of Andalusian, and as such people will pay substanitally more for an Andalusian horse of Carthusian bloodlines.  The Carthusian pedigree is one of the oldest horse bloodlines documented.

In order to be called a PRE horse (or Purebred Spanish Horse), the horse must be entered in the central stud book in Spain.   There is just one main PRE stud book in Spain, and every true PRE horse is included in this book along with genealogical records to prove their heritage.   The term Andalusian horse can describe horses with spanish horse descent that can not be fully verified, or a part-bred spanish type horse.

A popular close relative of the Andalusian is the Portuguese Lusitano, though andalusian horses have been used to develop many other breeds.


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